Torquil Entry 2

I wiped my blade clean of blood which proved easy to do with the rain pouring down on top of us. I then sheathed the blade and scanned over the remains of the crowd and the fallen grells with reserved excitment. The combat had been thrilling, pushing the edge between life and death. The cost though was too high though with all the loss of life. None of my companions fell thankfully but the poor townsfolk had no means to defend themselves from the attack. I looked up to the sky and let the rain fall over my face. It was like the earth cried for the loss of life.

I was torn from my thoughts by a woman who approached us, introducing herself as Deirdre. I stood off to the side and listened in the conversation, preferring that the others do the talking. Official-like people typically don’t like convicts but I’m use to that by now. She, along with Rook, came to the conclusion that an artifact called the Tear of Ioun was involved somehow with the attack as it had gone missing. When then suddenly got volunteered to recover the religious relic. Alas, that is what I get for not getting involved in the conversation. To be sure though, more dangerous thrills where sure to come from the new quest so it isn’t a complete loss.

With our work concluded and job verified, we headed back into the Blue Plate to finally start our dinner. Just as I was taking a bite of mutton, Maanek dropped a grell brain right on the table, much to my dismay but to Rook’s delight. They began to study the creature, hoping to find more clues as to what it was and where it came from. Noura noticed that it had several wounds that had not been inflicted during the combat though no one could figure out why they were there. So, we moved on with dinner and passed the night away.

The next morning the rain was still present as we headed out for the tower. Several hours into the trek left us at the entrance to a forest at the foothills of the tower. Just as we began to enter, several of us noticed lurkers in the forest. Just as we noticed them, they sprung from their hiding places and charged us. They were human looking with masks over their faces. Most of them carrid axes though there was a woman among them who appeared seemingly from nowhere to direct the assault. With one fight already under our belt, we worked a lot more smoothly this time. Maanek rushed in first to draw their attacks and took several punishing blows before moving on after Noura. Rook and I wouldn’t stand for this. With Roxy providing cover fire, the mindbender and I unleashing several punishing attack that took advantage of their confused state. Burned and knocked over, it was just a matter of cleaning up the stagglers. The woman, a warlock I think, tried to run from Maanek and I but Roxy chased her down with deadly accuracy. Man, that woman has a deadly attitude when it comes to combat. Me? I just prefer the thrill of the fight.

Torquil Entry 2

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