Set Entry 1

On the Unfortunate Phenomenon of Sleepwalking

From a very young age I have been a student of philosophy… at least in regards to certain civilized concepts. I enjoy entertaining theories as to why people do the things they do and accept the ‘order’ of their existence without considering alternatives. From every tiny village to sprawling city I see people ‘sleepwalking’ through their lives, existing from one day to the next and following the same routine because it is ‘the way it’s always been done’. It’s as if people can’t be bothered with finding the life path that would bring them the most happiness. They are too busy looking down at the path that others have put in front of them and told them to follow. I think they are afraid to look up because they might trip and fall if they don’t look straight ahead. Or maybe it’s because they are afraid to see what they are missing out on…

Case in point: my recent travels escorting some pilgrims to the Mind Spire. We had many hours of traveling and it provided me ample time to try and get know these people. Practically to a man (or woman), I was amazed at how each of these folks were trudging through life just as they were trudging down the road we were on. Not too long after we arrived in town, I watched some of those same people die horribly to the Grells that attacked so suddenly. I can’t help but pity those poor souls that ‘sleepwalked’ right into the grave. I can only hope they are more ‘awake’ now, wherever they are.

In contrast to the pilgrims are my companions. Some I would say are my friends and others I barely know at all. But each one is walking a path completely of their own determination. I think that it must be a prerequisite of this kind of work that you not be a ‘sleepwalker’. In adventuring there is no safe and easy way. None of my companions has yet shared with me what their own goals are, but I enjoy their company while their paths intersect with mine. I like being around them because it reminds me that not everyone in this world is ‘sleeping’.

I think it important to pause here to clarify that I do not in any way look down on the people that I have categorized as ‘sleepwalkers’. They are mostly honest, very hard working, sacrificing, and worthy of respect. Personally I consider myself to care about people much more than most, because I would like so much to ‘wake’ them up and show them what life really can be. Unfortunately I have learned in life already that either I am a poor teacher or that people can’t be ‘awoken’ by others… only by what’s inside them.

I should also note here that I personally feel that the concept of civilization itself is the single biggest contributor to the phenomenon of ‘sleepwalking’. The codes of ethics, rules of law, unwritten axioms of conduct… all these things are designed to remove the need to think from the common man (or woman). And when people have no need to think, they just fall asleep. However, my thoughts on the concept of Law are for another time and another page…..


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