Lord Criswell – The human Lord Garen Criswell is the hereditary ruler of Wellspring. He is in charge of the town’s justice, defense, and laws. From among the guilders and commoners, the lord appoints a town council to handle running the town’s public business.

Croetus – The Wizard of Wellspring is an accomplished hedge mage and well versed in matters concerning spells and magical creatures. He lives in the Low District, in a round house with a conical roof.

Gerald Roy – Wellspring doesn’t have much organized crime, but it does have is Gerald Roy, and he makes do. He’s a regular at the Cast Die — a small, dingy gaming hall and tavern in the Riverside District.

Master Vyen – Master Vyen knows a great deal about Wellspring’s history. He lives in a stone house in the High District, where he tutors highborn children, teaching them to read and write.

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