The Tear of Ioun

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And so it begins…

After a successful campaign against some of the more unsavory of inhabitants of the Harken forest, work has been scarce for seasoned adventurers these last few weeks. An adventurer can only so often serve as bouncers at the local inn or guard an important political figure as he makes a speech in a nearby town. The honest truth is that the work is dull and the pay is shit.

As you huddle up to a table at the inn in Harkenwold to discuss leaving the town for greener pastures and a chance to head thump some lowlife or moster, you spot an elder gentleman and lady enter caring a piece of parchment. After some short words and an exchange of coin, the pair walks over to the local bulletin board, tack up the paper and depart. After a moment, curiosity gets the better of you and you take a gander at the message:

“For seasoned adventurer’s only! Father Daniels of the local Temple of Ioun has made great plans to entreat his congregation on a trek to the town of Wellspring to worship at the Statue of Estered. In order to protect his parishioners during their travels, Father Daniels requests the aid of those both skilled in workings of the wilds and in need of a few coins. Interested parties should make their way to the Temple of Ioun and speak with the attending priests.”

Simple research tells you Wellspring is a decent sized town between the Harrow Wood and the Kadagast Mountains. Rumor holds that old portals to the Feywild still stand in the forest, and portals to darker and stranger lands lay in the mountains. In addition, the peaks are home to ruins of more than one empire—Nerath and Bael Turath.

Arriving at the temple the next morning, the mere sight and mention of your names quickly brings a smile to Father Daniels. He readily accepts your assistance and agrees to pay you each 150gp for the 3 day journey. Any loot from any encounter is yours to pick through first with the rest going towards tithing to the temple in Ioun.

You depart that afternoon and the journey is fairly quite. A group of bandits here and a small band of orcs there, nothing to make you even break a sweat. For the most part you are bored, but at least you know it won’t last too long…

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