The Tear of Ioun

Grell Attack

A light rain was falling as the party awoke a half day out from the town of Wellspring. Father Daniels as well as the other parishioners were excited to be free from the road after the long journey. As they approached the gate, the guards looked lackadaisical at best as they simply waved folks through with nary a glance. As Set, Rook, and the other adventures approached, they sharpened some, but were still showed little interest.

“What’s yer business in Wellspring?” one of the guards asked. Rook, looking from behind his spectacles stated, “We are escorting a group of Ioun worshipers to the local temple for the coming festival. We mean no harm to the town or its inhabitants.” Seeming satisfied with the answer, the guard waved them trough after giving Torquil a quick once over due to the shackles on his wrists.

“You can find food and drink at the Blue Plate. Just follow the road over the river, and it’s just on the left as you reach the main square,” mentioned the guard as the group passed through the gates. The city itself was bustling that day with the influx of pilgrims from all corners of the Nentir Vale and beyond. The heroes made their way to the tavern with little trouble and began to eat, drink, and wipe the mud from their boots.

The had just begun conversing on the temple and the goddess Ioun herself when a shrill cry and screams began to emanate from the town square. Still armed and armored from the road, the heroes dashed out into the square to find the source of the commotion. While their view was obstructed by the mob of peasants in the square, hovering beak-brained monsters could be seen ensnaring folks with their sickly tentacles. One of the monsters also began to release bolts of lightning into the crowd, felling many villagers.

Set was the first to react, darting around the left side of the gathered villagers to try and get off the first blow of combat. Sadly, he could not make enough distance to release his sorcery against the foul beasts. His move however, did provoke the attention of the monsters and they began to move towards the more obvious threats.

Torquil, Rook, Mannek-Rex and Noura soon joined the fray, and the battle was had. The grells, as Rook had identified them, seemed more ready for the fight as their tentacles lashed out at the heroes, grabbing and immobilizing them. Torquil suffered the fury of two of the creatures as he teleported into the fray and nearly fell, but a spirit of healing summoned by Noura kept him standing to face the foes. After furious blows were landed by each group, the tide began to turn. With the assistance of Noura’s healing, Rook’s psychic onslaught, and Mannek-Rex’s thunderous pick, the grells slowly fell. Wounded and winded from the encounter, the heroes took a moment to collect themselves and take stock of their surroundings.



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